Backwater Valve Installation in Markham

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Backwater Valve Installation in Markham

When sewage backs up in your Markham residential or commercial property, it’s a smelly and messy affair. Even worse, it’s a major health risk that endangers you and everyone else on your property.

Fortunately, having a backwater valve installed is a simple solution. With a backwater valve in place on your drain pipes, the risk of sewage flowing back into your property is greatly reduced, preventing thousands of dollars in property damage.

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What is a Backwater Valve and What Does it Do?

The sewage or drain pipes in your home are meant to take wastewater from your property to the main sewer line. But during floods and other situations that put lots of pressure on the sewage pipe, the flow within your drain pipe can reverse, causing its contents to return to your home.

At your property, the reverse flowing sewage will spill over, making a mess and possibly flooding your home. The cleanup for these unsanitary incidents is usually quite expensive, not to mention the property damage they also cause.

A backwater valve is a small plumbing device that’s attached to a sewage pipe to prevent backflow and keep sewage overflow out of your property. A one-way control valve will stop sewage from flowing in the wrong direction by automatically shutting down once the flow pattern in the sewage pipe starts going the wrong way.

Should You Install a Backwater Valve?

Also known as a backflow preventer and backflow prevention valve, installing a backwater valve is essential for every property. It can save you from the huge expenses of repairing damages caused by sewage overflow and ensures you have one less thing to worry about during a flood.

Keep in mind that when backflow occurs, it causes sewage to spew out from various drains in your home. That can include your toilets, drains in your bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, and other wastewater drain locationsaround your home.

Having such potentially hazardous waste material spilling around the house poses a huge health risk and can lead to:

  • Viruses such as hepatitis
  • Bacterial diseases
  • Fungal infections
  • Allergies
  • Parasitic organisms

If the location of your building is lower than that of other houses sharing the same sewer line, you are at the most risk of a sewer backup and require a backflow preventer. But even if your building is on the highest level, there is still some risk and you are much safer with a backflow preventer in place.

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Backwater Valve Installation Process

Before you can proceed with a backwater valve installation in Markham, you have to first get the proper permits from the authorities.

Once you have the permits, the installation can begin. The proper place to install a backflow preventer and how many your property will need depends on your property. Smaller properties typically require only one, while large properties may need several – one for each of the building’s drainage pipes.

In most scenarios, the backwater valve is installed inside at the lowest point of a building where the wastewater exits. In other scenarios, installation may be outside, below the foundation base where water gathers.

To determine the best place for installation, our team will assess your property. The information from the assessment will let us know not only where to install the valve for optimal effect, but also how many your property will need.

Cost of Backwater Valve Installation

A Markham backwater valve installation can cost anywhere between $200 and $500. For larger buildings, it may cost more. But regardless of the cost, it’ll always be cheaper than the cost of repairing your property after a sewage overflow.

The cost of installation typically varies based on:

  • Whether there’s a need for excavation
  • Location of your sewer line
  • Size of the building
  • If there’s a need for a sump pump

Fortunately, the city of Markham offers rebates to help reduce backwater valve installation costs for its residents. To qualify for the rebate, you must:

  • Have a connection to the city’s sewer line
  • Have no outstanding taxes, fees, or fines
  • Your property must not be subject to work orders,contraventions, or any outstanding municipal requirements
  • Your building’s downspouts must be disconnected from the City sewer system
  • The installation must adhere to the Building Code Act and you must have the necessary permits

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For properties that already have a backwater valve in place, we are available to provide maintenance services to ensure its optimal performance when it matters the most.

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Sewer Backup Valve Markham

Don’t wait until a huge storm hits to prepare your home for the incoming floods. A backwater valve (or a sewer backup valve) will keep the house safe from city sewage. When the underground water levels rise, this valve is the only thing keeping the sewer water at bay. We have devoted ourselves towards protecting people’s property and valuables from unnecessary water damage. Our sewer backup valve Markham experts can install, repair, and maintain all kinds of safety valves to keep the house protected at all times. Contact us today for an estimate and schedule an appointment with your trusted local experts.